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The U.S. Military Vets MC is a true three-piece patch Motorcycle Club are a Club of Bikers, a Band of Brothers and an Association of Veterans. We are recognized and respected by other MCs both locally and nationally.  

TAKE THE INITIATIVE! INITIATIVE IS EVERYTHING   If you want to become familiar with us and get more information Click Here.  This is a very simple process. We will be in touch soon, probably to let you know where and when we are riding. You will be contacted, and if that initial contact goes well, you will probably be invited on a ride with us. No pressure, no stress, just a ride. If you like what you see, and we like what we see, you may be invited to a meeting, or on the next ride. It shows that you want to be part of something as great as this club. You will not get into this club, or any other MC if you are a passive individual who maybe takes things for granted (There is good reason that we are not known for active recruiting).

Click Here to see our Chapter 100 Eternal Members!